Wizard Ipsum


Wizard Ipsum is how wizards working with non-magical folk and slip a little magic into their workday—without breaching any secrecy laws. It’s the original text of Lorum Ipsum.

Many know Lorum Ipsum as the kind of Latin-looking filler copy used on website and print material mock ups. What isn’t widely known is that Lorum Ipsum isn’t the jumbled Latin created by Cicero in a 1st-century BC text. That’s BC in the time, not in the Canadian province. Despite how many wizards live in Squamish. Sorry, back to Wizard Ipsum. Non-magical scholars have confirmed that Lorum Ipsum isn’t actually Latin. We can let you know it’s not magical Latin either. While Cicero is of magical heritage, a combination of poor early literacy and a preference of whiskey breakfasts resulted in Lorum Ipsum being of no language known to humans.

And as such, we introduce you to Wizard Ipsum.